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Amnis FlowSight imaging flow cytometer

A compact and sensitive imaging flow cytometer that combines quantitative results with cell-specific images

The Amnis® FlowSight® imaging flow cytometer offers unprecedented sensitivity and images of every cell in up to 10 fluorescent channels (4,000 events per second). The patented CCD camera and detection technology provide a fluorescent sensitivity that is at least ten times higher in all channels compared with PMT-based flow cytometers.

The FlowSight imaging flow cytometer is sufficiently powerful for the most demanding laboratories, while its dimensions and price also make it ideal for smaller laboratories. The device can be equipped with up to four lasers and an automatic 96 microplate feeder.

Device properties

  • Capable: applicable in a number of research fields
  • Sensitive: camera-based cell detection significantly increases the resolution compared with conventional flow cytometers
  • Affordable: the device only takes up small desk space and has a purchase price that fits most budgets
  • Powerful: the device is able to classify cell populations based on any visual or fluorescent stamp

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

Links and documents

Manufacturer’s product page: The manufacturer is Cytek (ex. Luminex).