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Fuji NX500 chemistry analyser

Chemical parameters individually or in combination

The Fuji NX500 analyses chemistry parameters either individually or in panels from serum or plasma.

Fast and efficient

  • The sample can be analysed directly in the primary tube
  • Duration of the assay 1–6 minutes, depending on the parameter
  • 13 measurement positions and 27 parameters

Automatic functions

  • Pipetting the sample
  • Sample dilution function
  • Bidirectional device interface for patient information systems


ALB, ALP, ALT, AMYL, AST, BIL, BUN, Ca, cCRP, Chol, CK, CREA, GGT, GLU, lipase, LDH, Mg, NA-K-Cl, NH3, UA, PHOS, TP, TCO2, Trigly, Glob

Animal species

Dog, cat, horse, cattle, sheep, pig, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, mouse, rat, goat, turtle, boa, iguana, parrot, lizard