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HydroFlex microplate washer

Tailor-made, flexible microplate washer

Tecan HydroFlex is a very flexible microplate washer which, depending on the selected wash head, will wash either one or two 96 microplate columns at a time. The washer can be fitted with modules suitable for the needs of your laboratory, such as different microplate adapters, which means that the washer can be used for washing magnetic beads of different sizes and for vacuum washing. The washer can be integrated into the Tecan pipetting robots.

The user can choose, for example:

  • a washing head with 8 or 16 channels
  • The number of buffer channels
  • Liquid surface detection
  • Device colour

The washer can be used for:

  • Automatic ELISA washes
  • Gentle cell wash
  • Effective washing of magnetic beads (e.g. xMAP® specifications)
  • Washing small magnetic beads (such as Dynabeads® MyOne™)
  • Washing non-magnetic beads

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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