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Scil Vet SA urine sediment reader

Pocket-size urine sediment analysis

Scil Vet SA’s automated technology and innovative high-resolution optics provide accurate and reliable identification of the most common cells, casts, crystals and bacteria.

Analysing urine sediment has never been this easy: the fresh urine sample is pipetted into the sample cartridge, and the cartridge is placed on the analyser. Accurate and reliable results are available in three minutes.

Easy-to-read results

The results are expressed in both pictures and numerical values. You can choose which units to use. The illustrative graph shows where the result places in the reference range.

  • Cells: Leucocytes (WBC), erythrocytes (RBC), epithelial cells (EC) that are further divided into squamous and non-squamous cells (nSEC)
  • Crystals (CRY): Calcium oxalate dihydrate, struvite, other crystals
  • Casts (CAS): Hyaline casts and non-hyaline casts (i.e. waxy and cellular casts)
  • Bacteria (BAC): Total bacteria

Compact and fast

  • Size: 128 x 94 x 33 mm / 200 g
  • 5” touchscreen
  • Analysis of urine directly from the sample without pre-treatment
  • Simple three-step testing
  • Measurement time only three minutes
  • Can be connected to the network and the patient data system

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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