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Bionano symposium 2023

Bionano symposium in January!

Our supplier Bionano Genomics arranges a free virtual symposium, in which more than 25 experts share their experience in optical genome mapping. Registered event participants will also have access to symposium recordings after the event.

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23.1.2023 at 17-20: Hematological Malignancies

Learn how OGM is revolutionizing the analysis of genomic variation in hematological malignancies. See how researchers are using new tools to find more pathogenic chromosomal aberrations while also simplifying their laboratory workflows.

24.1.2023 at 17-20 Solid Tumors

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) alone cannot unlock the genomic information critical to understanding tumor biology. Hear how experts are complementing NGS with OGM to unlock a broader spectrum of genetic variants, generate a more complete cancer genome profile, and discover new actionable biomarkers.

25.1.2023 at 17-20: Constitutional Genetic Diseases

Do you want to uncover genetic variation that contributes to rare undiagnosed genetic disease, developmental disorders, and reproductive disorders? Learn how analysis of structural variation is increasing the likelihood of finding actionable pathogenic variants to solve unresolved cases, even after exome sequencing.

26.1.2023 at 17-20: Cell Bioprocessing

Whether you are working with producer cell lines, research cell lines, or cell therapy applications, ensuring the genomic integrity and stability of your cell lines is of critical importance. See how OGM can outperform traditional cytogenetic methods so you can easily screen cell lines for genomic instability and off-target events.