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Triolab Finland Oy

Established in 1986, Triolab Oy is a Finnish expert company specialising in the sale and technical support of clinical diagnostics, medical and life sciences research and industrial products. Currently, Triolab employs nearly 50 people, and its annual revenue is over EUR 20 million.

The company’s head office and warehouse are located in Turku, and the company has regional offices in Espoo and Tampere. In addition, Triolab is engaged in close cooperation with Triolab Baltic OÜ, a company operating in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostics products, from point-of-care testing to full laboratory automation. We are constantly monitoring the development of the industry to provide our customers with the best solutions in the markets.

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With the products we represent, we aim to provide solutions for life science research and for industries that produce results cost effectively by saving time and reducing errors.

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Our range includes high-quality laboratory diagnostics products for the needs of veterinary clinics of different sizes. We are constantly expanding our product portfolio to be able to provide rapid and comprehensive laboratory results that support veterinarians´ diagnoses.

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