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Triolab Oy was established in 1986 under the name of Pe-Lab Oy. Already then, the company focused on the marketing and sales of diagnostics equipment and supplies, and on providing technical support.

During the first stages of operations, the most important customer in terms of product representation was Diagnostica Stago, still one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coagulation test products and a key partner for Triolab Oy.

In 1998, Pe-Lab Oy transferred under Swedish ownership when the Bergman & Beving conglomerate acquired it. As a result of the change of ownership, the company’s name was changed to Triolab Oy. Alongside Diagnostica Stago, the company started to represent other brands from different areas of diagnostics. Triolab Oy and its affiliated companies formed a distributor network for diagnostics products and an expert organisation, covering all Nordic countries.

In 2005, Triolab Oy and its Nordic affiliated companies transferred to Addtech Group, demerged from Bergman & Breving, establishing a platform for Addtech’s Life Science business unit.

In March 2016, Addtech’s Life Science business unit was separated into its own company, which was listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm on 16 March 2016 under the name of AddLife AB.

Triolab Baltic OÜ, an affiliated company operating in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which is engaged in close cooperation with Triolab in Finland, was established in 2017.

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