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Quality and responsibility

Quality is an integral part of everything we do. We seek structurally logical processes and as flawless operations as possible. Our product range represents the top of the industry.

We monitor any changes in our operating environment and official requirements. We aim to be as customer-driven as possible.

Our company has an environmental policy based on sustainable development, and we also comply with AddLife Group’s Code of Conduct.

As an indication of the continuous improvement of our operations and our never-ending hunger to achieve the highest level of quality, DNV Business Assurance granted the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate for our operations.

Customer satisfaction

We aim to be customer-driven in developing our operations. We measure customer satisfaction through satisfaction surveys sent after customer meetings, as well as maintenance and support visits. For each response, we donate funds to various charities.

Corporate responsibility

We pay attention to the societal impact of our operations. Responsibility is an integral part of our daily activities.

Responsible operations

Our operations are based on close and long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and other partners. Our goal is to be a credible and reliable long-term partner. A commitment to sustainable and healthy development is a key part of our operations.

We support the UN’s Global Compact initiative, the ILO’s conventions and the OECD’s guidelines for multinational corporations. These principles form the basis of our ethical business and Code of Conduct (Code of Conduct). In our operations, we also comply with the Code of Conduct of Sailab – Medtech Finland.

Environmental policy

We address environmental perspectives both in broader guidelines and daily routines. Our environmental policy reflects the group’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. We are working actively to reduce the group’s direct and indirect environmental impact. The circular economy and the preservation of natural resources are important cornerstones in the group’s operations.

We belong to SERTY, which manages the collection and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. We belong also to Rinki, which arranges collection and recycling of packaging materials.

Read more: Corporate-responsibility-and-environmental-policy Triolab.pdf

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