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Delivery policy

Sustainable development is one of the cornerstones of our operations. We address the environment through the selection of packaging material, for example: we use recycled packaging material and biodegradable refrigerant gel whenever possible. We try to avoid the use of Styrofoam, as the recycling of EPS remains limited.

Deliveries will be shipped from our warehouse in 1–2 working days after receiving an order. Deliveries of refrigerated products will be limited before weekends and public holidays.

For incorrect deliveries, customers must file a complaint as soon as possible; however, no later than within seven working days of receiving the product. In these situations, please contact our customer care by email or telephone. Products may not be returned without instructions.

Transport conditions

Equipment and reagent manufacturers are responsible for conducting stability and stress tests for their products during transport. Transport tests will be conducted in real or simulated conditions. The purpose of the tests is to identify how equipment and reagents can withstand changing transport conditions.

Refrigerated products that have been proven to withstand changes in temperatures during transport will be sent to customers at room temperature without any temperature controlled packaging. In this way, we can fulfil the quality requirements confirmed by the manufacturer, while keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible.

Any packaging containing refrigerated products will be marked with yellow tape so that the recipient can directly transfer the products into a refrigerator.

Be part of development

You can also contribute to our business model based on sustainable development:

  • Combine your orders
    By combining your orders and purchases, you can reduce the use of packaging material and the need for transport.
  • Order larger volumes
    Ordering larger volumes and several different products reduces the use of packaging material and the need for transport.
  • Keep your contact details updated
    If you identify an error in the address details we use, let us know by emailing us so that we can avoid any incorrect deliveries.

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