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Triolab Group

Five Triolab companies, all part of AddLife Group and operating in the same business area, operate in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Together, they form Triolab Group. Its companies can address local conditions and official requirements, and serve customers in their own language.

Triolab Group’s companies operate independently in their respective market areas, while sharing their resources and being engaged in very close cooperation. This cooperation helps new products to be launched quickly throughout the large market area. The group companies represent several brands together.

More than 70 of Triolab Group’s 160 employees work in sales, marketing and product support, nearly 50 in technical support, and more than 30 in customer care. The companies’ total annual revenue is roughly EUR 100 million.

Reasons for selecting Triolab Group as a partner:

  • A distributor network which covers all eight Nordic and Baltic countries
  • Exhaustive knowledge of local market areas
  • Close cooperation with local influencers
  • Comprehensive operations ranging from sales to product support and maintenance
  • A network of more than 160 trained specialists
  • A solvent and productive partner
  • A low and flexible organisational structure
  • Close cooperation with clients
  • Ethical and sustainable operations
  • Good reputation

More information is available on Triolab Group’s website and company-specific pages:

Triolab Sweden
Triolab Denmark
Triolab Norway

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