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Established in 1986, Triolab Oy is a Finnish expert company specialising in the sales and technical support in clinical diagnostics, research of medical and life sciences, and industrial products. Currently, Triolab employs nearly 50 people, and its annual revenue is more than EUR 20 million. The company’s head office and warehouse are located in Turku, and the company has regional offices in Espoo and Tampere.

Triolab is part of the Swedish AddLife group, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Formed by Triolab companies operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland, Triolab Group is one of the industry’s leading distributors in the Nordic countries.

Triolab Baltic OÜ is Triolab Oy’s affiliated company that provides customer care, product support and technical support in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – in the language its customers speak.

All Triolab’s salespeople are trained specialists who support customers in the use of products. In addition to salespeople, the technical support staff offer support in equipment maintenance and problems.

Corporate philosophy

Our corporate culture and philosophy are based on the four AddLife Group’s basic principles:

Simplicity, responsibility, commitment, and innovation

Our way of working is efficient and straightforward, and excessive bureaucracy is avoided. In operational management, we focus on constant changes in the market environment, each individual’s will to develop operations, and the ability to adapt to changes. Giving our employees freedom over decisions concerning their work and responsibility for planning their own work is also an important part of our way of working.

We invest in the continuous development of employee expertise through a range of training opportunities, for example. Providing a comprehensive, high-quality customer experience is one of our most important goals, alongside employee satisfaction and a good communal spirit.

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