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ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyser

19 critical parameters in 35 seconds with a cassette-type analyser

The analyser measures the pH, blood gas, electrolyte, metabolite and oximetry values of arterial and venous blood, as well as several dozen parameters derived from them.


ABL90 FLEX PLUS measures 19 parameters in 35 seconds from a 65 µL sample. The total cycle time is 1 minute. The device allows 44 samples to be analysed in an hour.

Easy to use

Real-time video tutorial in English. Two reagents with a microchip function. Reagents can be removed and if necessary, transferred to another device. In addition, clots can be rinsed manually without loss of reagents.

Measurable parameters

Blood gases: pH, pCO2, pO2

Metabolites: cGlu, cLac, cCrea, cUrea

Electrolytes: cCa2+, cCl-, cK+, cNa+

Oximetry: FCOHb, ctBil, ctHb, FHbF, FHHb, FMetHb, sO2, FO2Hb

Derived parameters

pH(T), pCO2(T), cHCO3 – (P), cBase(B), cBase(B,ox), cBase(Ecf), cBase(Ecf,ox), cHCO3 – (P,st), cH+, cH+(T), ctCO2(P), ctCO2(B), pH(st), pO2(T), pO2(A), pO2(A,T), p50, p50(T), p50(st), pO2(A–a), pO2(A–a,T), pO2(a/A), pO2(a/A,T), pO2(a)/FO2(I), pO2(a,T)/FO2(I), cCa2+(pH=7.40), Anion Gap(K+), Anion Gap, DO2, Hct, pO2(x), pO2(x,T), ctO2(B), ctO2(a–v-), BO2, ctO2(x), FShunt, FShunt(T), RI, RI(T), VO2, mOsm, Qx, Qt, V(B), sO2, FO2Hb, eGFR, Urea:Crea

Sample volumes

Sample volume for syringe and capillary samples is 65 µL, for capillary samples 45 µL in micro mode.


Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia

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