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Ampliqon PCR products

Enzymes and reagents for PCR

Ampliqon is a Danish manufacturer of PCR enzymes and laboratory reagents. They have more than 20 years of experience within development of standard products for PCR applications. The product range of Ampliqon is widely used in hospitals, universities, research institutions and life-science industries all over the world.

The Ampliqon PCR enzyme collection covers all standard DNA amplification set-ups in use in modern laboratories. Enzymes are available as standalone and in master mixes in different concentrations.

In addition to enzymes, Amplicon product range includes different buffers, nucleotides, nuclease-free water and clean-up reagents for PCR.


Ideal choice for routine PCR applications which require high yield and reliable PCR amplification

  • Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Taq DNA Polymerase RED
  • Taq OptiMix CLEAR Master Mix
  • Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix RED
  • Taq DNA Polymerase Master Mix

Hot Start

Modified version of Taq DNA Polymerase allowing reaction set-up at room temperature

  • TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase
  • TEMPase Hot Start 2x Master Mix
  • TEMPase Hot Start 2x Master Mix BLUE


Exhibiting the same technical features and high activity as the liquid TEMPase Hot Start 2x master mixes, the lyophilized form is highly stable and can be stored at room temperature

  • DryTech TEMPase 5x Master Mix Clear
  • DryTech TEMPase 5x Master Mix Green

Glycerol Free

Glycerol free formulation of the respective standalone DNA polymerases for automation and lyophilization

  • Taq DNA Polymerase Glycerol Free
  • TEMPase Hot Start DNA Polymerase Glycerol Free

High Fidelity

Proofreading DNA polymerase with the ability to amplify problematic DNA targets, such as those with low to high GC content

  • AQ97 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase
  • AQ97 High Fidelity DNA Polymerase 2x Master Mix
  • AccuPOL DNA Polymerase


All-in-one master mix for amplification of multiple targets in a single tube

  • Multiplex TEMPase 2x Master Mix


Rapid 8-minute extraction of PCR-ready DNA from mammalian tissues, plant material, saliva and bacteria

  • Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit
  • Q-Extract DNA Extraction Hot Start PCR Kit

GC-rich DNA Amplification

All-in-one master mixes for amplification of GC-rich DNA sequences

  • GC-rich DNA Target Kit
  • GC TEMPase 2x master mixes

Real-Time PCR

All-in-one master mixes intended for various qPCR applications

  • RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix Green
  • RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix for Probe


Optimized for detection of viral and low-copy RNA templates

  • RealQ Plus One-step RT-PCR Kit

PCR Buffers

Tris-based buffer solutions to meet different requirements in PCR applications

  • 10x Ammonium Buffer
  • 10x Standard Buffer
  • 10x Combination Buffer
  • 5x PCR Buffer RED
  • 4x GC Buffer I & 4x GC Buffer II
  • Betaine Enhancer Solution 5M

Loading Buffers

Four ready to use buffers with different tracking dyes and migration fronts

  • Loading Buffers – Red, Blue, Orange & Cyan


dNTPs have >98 % purity as determined by HPLC

  • dNTP Mix
  • dNTP Set
  • dATP, dCTP, dGTP or dTTP

PCR Ladders

Ready to use loading buffers on agarose and SDS DNA gels that can be used with both TBE and TAE electrophoresis systems

  • Iqon DNA Ladders
  • High Range DNA Ladder
  • Low Range DNA Ladder
  • PCR DNA Ladder


For molecular biology techniques such as PCR, RT-PCR, cDNA synthesis or qPCR

  • PCR Grade Water
  • Nuclease-Free Water for molecular biology

DNA/RNA extraction

Solutions complementing DNA and RNA extraction methods

  • Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution
  • G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer

PCR Clean-up

Enzymatic PCR clean-up reagent preparing PCR products for various downstream applications such as sequencing, primer extension and SNP analysis

  • PureIT ExoZAP PCR CleanUp

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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