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AQT90 FLEX near-patient testing device for immunochemistry

Reliable immunochemistry analytics outside a laboratory

AQ90 FLEX is a cartridge-operated near-patient testing device for the analysis of immunochemical tests such as cardiac markers and inflammatory markers. The analyser meets the needs of both the ward and the laboratory coordinating the near-patient testing, thanks to its usability and the quality of its measuring technology.

Analytical sensitivity

The measurement method of the AQT90 FLEX is time-delayed fluorescence, which also produces laboratory-quality results in near-patient analytics.


cTnI, CK-MBm, myoglobin, NT-ProBNP, D-dimer, CRP, hCG, PCT

Fast and efficient

  • Analysis of whole blood or plasma
  • More than 30 results in an hour

Easy to use

  • Large, guided touchscreen
  • Application of the sample through the cap
  • Automatic sample mixing, measurement and reporting of results
  • Completely closed waste treatment
  • Separate level controls

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia

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