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AQURE remote management system

Remote management system for Radiometer and third-party devices

Aqure is a browser-based software for remote control and monitoring of Radiometer analysers and remote monitoring of third-party devices. With Aqure, you can access the hospital’s near-patient testing devices from any workstation in the network.

Systematic data management

Aqure receives all information from connected devices, archives it, and if necessary, sends it to the desired hospital system.

Flawless and fast transfer of results

FlexLink is a system designed for hospital wards that flawlessly connects the sampling syringe, patient ID and user ID. It enables a flawless and fast transfer of results from patients’ bedsides to the medical staff.

Illustrative user interface

The user interface is illustrative and customisable by the user, and it consists of five key sections. The customisable front page displays all necessary device information at a glance.

  • Access to all devices connected to Aqure
  • Illustration of problems related to devices and operating as a device diary
  • Production of reports on equipment and quality control

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia

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Manufacturer’s product page