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Element AIM microscope system

Urine sediment and fecal floatation analysis rapidly, cleanly and automatically

Element AIM is an artificial intelligence based automated microscope system for the analysis of urine sediment and fecal parasites in dogs, cats and horses.

Thanks to the closed cartridge, sample analysis is sanitary and fast. The results are available during the patient visit. They are reported numerically along with microscopy images.

Urine sediment analysis

  • White blood cells, red blood cells, epithelial cells, crystals, casts, bacteria (rods, cocci)
  • No sample pre-treatment required

Fecal flotation analysis

  • Roundworm, hookworm (heartworm), whipworm, tapeworm, coccidia, giardia
  • Based on flotation method
  • Sample requires pre-treatment

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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