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HemoCue WBC white blood cell analyser

Rapid measurement of white blood cell count with laboratory-level accuracy

The device measures the total white blood cell count from 10 µL of capillary or venous whole blood (EDTA) in three minutes.

Fast and reliable

Simple test performance ensures results quickly. Laboratory-level results and wide measuring range: 0.3–30.0 x 109/L.

Easy to use

No separate sampler, the cuvette also serves as a sample container. The device has been calibrated at the factory and does not require recalibration. The device performs an internal check automatically. Cuvettes are stored at room temperature.

  • 113002 – WBC microcuvette (vial)
  • 113005 – WBC microcuvette (vial)
  • 139130 – HemoCue Cleaner Plus cleaning spatula (5 pcs)
  • 0HD111DA2 – WBC DIFF Control, 3 levels*

*Ordered separately as a permanent delivery

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland