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i-STAT Alinity v chemical analyser

Easy to use and versatile analyser for veterinary clinics, intensive care and the field

The i-Stat analyser will show you the results in a matter of minutes. The versatile range of test cartridges enables the use of the analyser for different patient groups.

Practical and versatile

The i-STAT Alinity v, which can be conveniently carried to the field, is an effective aid in the vet clinic’s laboratory and operating room. Thanks to the comprehensive cartridge range, the parameters of the patient’s acid-base equilibrium, blood gases, electrolytes, ionised calcium, lactate and haematocrit are easy to access in a few minutes. A sample of 95 µL of whole blood is required.

Easy to use

i-Stat Alinity does not require regular maintenance. The instrument is calibrated twice a year with a software update. The device reminds the user of the upcoming update and guides the user in daily use.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland