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MagicPrep NGS library preparation system

NGS library prep at the press of a button

The MagicPrep NGS system provides walk-away automation for NGS library preparation with no additional user interaction after starting the run. Simple run setup is completed in 10 minutes by pipetting the samples and magnetic beads into cartridges containing pre-aliquoted reagents, which are then loaded into the instrument. The MagicPrep instrument can store the libraries without evaporation for up to 65 hours. Start your run at any time and then retrieve your libraries when you are ready.


  • Hands-on time 10 minutes
  • Throughput 8 samples per run
  • Covers DNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq
  • Pre-optimized scripts – no programming
  • Fully integrated systems – no external computers
  • Benchtop instrument

MagicPrep mRNA Seq

The MagicPrep NGS reagent kits consist of sample deck components, magnetic beads and reagent cartridges. The reagents include DimerFree technology to efficiently eliminate unwanted adapter dimers.

There are 3 different reagent cartridges available

  • DNA-Seq Mech for DNA-Seq library construction from pre-fragmented DNA, input range 50-500 ng of DNA
  • DNA-Seq Enz for enzymatic fragmentation of high-quality DNA followed by DNA-Seq library construction, input range 50-500 ng of DNA
  • mRNA-Seq for poly(A) selection and mRNA-Seq library construction, input range 10 ng – 1 µg of total RNA.


Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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