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MGI DNBSEQ sequencers

Fast sequencers with high accuracy for every laboratory

DNBSEQ sequencers made by MGI are based on a technology, that combines the low error accumulation of DNA nanoballs with the high signal density of regular array chips. This combination dramatically improves accuracy, making it a powerful tool for whole genome and whole exome sequencing.

In our product portfolio, there’s a perfect DNBSEQ sequencer for every laboratory size.


Cost-effective tabletop sequencer for a small laboratory

DNBSEQ-G99 – fastest in the world and easy-to-use sequencer with optional-based integrated bioinformatics module. It is especially suitable for targeted gene sequencing and small genome sequencing, delivering rapid and high-quality data output.

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Device for midsize and big laboratories, that is well suited for sequencing of longer streches of genes

DNBSEQ-G400 is comprehensive and versatile benchtop sequencer for medium to large genome sequencing projects, supporting five read lengths covering applications from fertility testing and rapid pathogen detection to tumor detection, transcriptome, WGBS, WES and WGS.

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Sequencing powerhouse for a big laboratory

DNBSEQ-T7 is the ultimate and ultra-high-throughput sequencer for large genome sequencing projects and high-complexity population studies, that can output 1-7 TB of high-quality data per day.

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Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland


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