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QuickMIC antibiotic susceptibility tests

Ultra-rapid AST with superior precision

QuickMIC® can speed up blood culture based diagnostics and help improve treatment of sepsis patients. It brings continuous MIC values with superior precision and low variability in 2-4 hours – directly from positive blood cultures.

Gradientech’s technology combines microfluidics with live cell imaging to identify cell responses in a linear concentration gradient.

Clinically actionable AST

QuickMIC is designed to help clinicians make more informed treatment decisions on antibiotic selection and dosage for improved sepsis patient outcomes

Reliable and fast MIC

QuickMIC delivers high accuracy MICs with unprecedented precision. Low variability results in 2-4 hours means ultra-rapid AST you can trust.

Fight antibiotic resistance

Targeted treatment of sepsis patient reduces unnecessary antibiotic use and limit the threat of antibiotic resistance.

  • small footprint
  • modular
  • IVDR Class A
  • Displays and analyses bacterial images to calculate growth rates and determinate true MIC values
  • Results for each antibiotic are presented independently, as soon as they become available
  • Images are accessible to users for visual inspection, offering full control over the results
  • QuickMIC Analyst supports up to twelve instruments at once
  • E. coli, Klebsiella spp., P. aeruginosa, E. cloacae, A. baumannii, P. mirabilis, C. koseri, S. marcescens.
  • Each cassette (CE-IVD) contains twelve pre-filled antibiotics tailored for common Gram-negative sepsis-causing pathogenic bacteria.
  • Easy workflow for sample preparation with IVDR class A sample preparation kit

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania