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Scil vIP middleware

Laboratory results reliably to the patient data system

Scil vIP easily connects laboratory equipment to other information systems in the clinic. It combines the results of different equipment and transfers them to the patient data system. Effective handling of laboratory responses improves the quality of the veterinarian’s work.

The program provides an illustrative summary and a printout of the patient’s laboratory responses when needed.


Provet Net, Provet Cloud, KliniQ

Supported laboratory equipment

scil Vet abc Plus / scil Vet abc, VetScan VS2, VetScan HM5c, VetScan I-STAT 1, Fuji 3500 / Fuji 4000 / Fuji7000 / Fuji NX500, Fuji Immuno AU10, QuickVet, pocketChem UA, Samsung PT10V, scil vCell 5, Element HT5, Element RC, scil Vet SA

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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