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Seegene All-in-One platform

Streamlining nucleic acid extraction, PCR setup and identification of infectious pathogens

Seegene’s superior accuracy based on DPO™, TOCE™ and MuDT™ technologies combined with All-in-One Platform is a unique streamlined automation solution that can perform a broad menu of molecular diagnostic tests in the area of infectious diseases. The platform allows molecular diagnostic method to be routinely used within clinically meaningful timeframe to reach therapeutic decision-making. The whole process is CE-IVD marked.

Specimen pre-analytics, NA extraction and PCR setup

Seegene offers a pre-analytical system for better workflow as well as flexible solutions for extraction or PCR setup selectively. Seegene Launcher software helps to perform the entire process from nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup or selectively perform extraction or PCR setup.

Nucleic acid amplification and analysis

The CFX96™ Dx Real-time PCR System is compact and easy to use Real-time PCR instrument. It can detect 5 different fluorescent dyes simultaneously. Thus, it is suitable for multi-pathogens detection in one clinical sample. Seegene Viewer is designed to enable users to simply access to automated data analysis for Seegene’s high multiplex real-time PCR assays. The software allows identification and differentiation for both Ct value of multiple targets in a single channel as well as melting curve analysis.

SEEPREP32™ automated extraction system takes advantages of the magnetic rods that automatically transfer the magnetic beads-nucleic acid mixture from one well to another.

  • Sample capacity 1-32 specimens in 30 minutes

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Nimbus IVD Automated Liquid Handling Workstations from NA Extraction to PCR Setup

  • Sample capacity 1- 48-72 samples in 180 min
  • A single set of reagent for extraction of bacterial, viral, genomic, parasitic, fungal DNA and/or RNA from various types of specimens

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STARlet IVD is an easy-to-use liquid handling workstation from primary sample tube to nucleic acid (NA) extraction and PCR setup

  • Sample capacity 1- 96 samples in 155 min
  • A single set of reagent for extraction of bacterial, viral, genomic, parasitic, fungal DNA and/or RNA from various types of specimens.

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VCMS (Vial Cap Management System) combined with STARlet IVD increases efficiency by automating de-capping, aliquotting, and re-capping

  • Pre-analytic step of 96 Thinprep™ tubes in 40 min

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Real-time PCR detection system

  • Sample capacity 1-96
  • Detects 5 different fluorescent dyes simultaneously

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