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TA-8V thrombo-aggregometer

Gold standard for platelet function definitions

TA-8V is intended for platelet function tests. The method is based on the change in absorbance of a sample suspension when agonists that activate platelet function are added.

Compact and well designed

TA-8V has been designed in co-operation with French companies Diagnostica Stago and SD-innovation. Its measuring unit is integrated with a PC, so no separate computer is needed for operation. The system can run 8 samples simultaneously, which makes diagnosing large dilution series fast. Interpretation of the results is easy, because all reaction curves are shown in the same chart.

Reference method for platelet tests

Several methods are available on the market to investigate platelet function. However, only methods based on optical absorbance changes are sufficiently sensitive to show small changes in platelet function. Diagnostica Stago TA8V (and the smaller model TA-4V) uses infrared wavelength in its measurement method, which is why the background colours of the sample, such as haemolysis or jaundice, do not interfere with the analysis.

86923 – ADP (3 x 1 ml)

86924 – Collagen (3 x 1 ml)

86922 – Arachidonic acid (3 x 1 ml)

86925 – Epinephrine (3 x 1 ml)

86926 – TRAP 6 (3 x 1 ml)

50705 – Ristocetin 7,5 mg/vial (10 x 0,5 ml)

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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