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Actim Fecal Blood rapid test

A hygienic rapid test to detect occult blood in feces

Actim Fecal Blood is an easy-to-use rapid test to detect occult blood in feces – a symptom of severe gastrointestinal diseases. Test is based on highly specific monoclonal antibodies that only detect human hemoglobin. Therefore, no dietary restrictions concerning red meat, or vegetables and fruits with peroxidase activity are required. As a result, the test can be taken at any time.

Pros and facts

  • Rapid and accurate screenings of fecal occult blood
  • Allows an immediate access to results without dietary restrictions before testing
  • An exceptionally hygienic and convenient sample collection and handling
  • This easy-to-use test gives results on the spot in just 10 minutes
  • No laboratory resources are needed to perform the test
  • The test kit contains all the materials needed to perform the test and it can be stored at room temperature
  • 30331ETAC – Actim Fecal Blood kit (20 tests)
  • 30300ETAC – Actim Fecal Blood Controls

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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