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Actim Pancreatitis rapid test

Unique way to diagnose acute pancreatitis on the spot

Actim Pancreatitis is a unique point-of-care test that has been developed to help healthcare professionals screen acute pancreatitis from a urine sample. Based on trypsinogen-2, which is the most accurate biomarker available now, Actim Pancreatitis is the only rapid test that can identify acute pancreatitis at any phase of the inflammation. As a result, severe pancreatitis is diagnosed at an early stage. Patients can be treated efficiently, and unnecessary treatments, CT scans, and costs are avoided.

Pros and facts

  • Allows healthcare professionals to rule out acute pancreatitis from one urine sample
  • The test can be performed at any stage of the disease
  • It is more sensitive and specific than amylase and lipase tests
  • Actim Pancreatitis is an easy-to-use test performed by healthcare professionals that gives test results in just 5 minutes
  • The test kit contains all the materials healthcare professionals need to perform the test, no ex-tra laboratory resources or sample processing are required
  • Actim Pancreatitis can be stored at room temperature


  • 32731ETAC – Actim Pancreatitis kit 10 dipsticks
  • 32732ETAC – Actim Pancreatitis kit 20 dipsticks
  • 32700ETAC – Actim Pancreatitis Controls

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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