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Bionano Ionic nucleic acid purification system

Isolate high-quality nucleic acids from challenging samples

The Ionic system uses isotachophoresis (ITP) to isolate, purify, and concentrate genomic DNA and RNA from cells, tissue, and FFPE samples with Ionic G2 chemistry. ITP separates and concentrates charged molecules in solution solely based on their electrophoretic mobility. An electric field is used to isolate the nucleic acid in its natural, native form on an Ionic chip. DNA and RNA samples prepared by the system require just a few minutes of hands-on time per sample.

  • Higher nucleic acid yields: No sample loss associated with binding nucleic acids to, or stripping from, fixed surfaces
  • Simple, automated workflows: No columns or beads and no repetitive washing
  • Easy-to-use Ionic System Chip
  • Reduced nucleic acid fragmentation: No harsh high-salt buffers or organic solvents

Bionano Ionic purification kits with G2 chemistry provide the reagents and protocols needed to automate your sample preparation workflow using the Ionic system. Kits are optimized to extract genomic DNA and RNA from cells, tissue, and FFPE samples.

DNA extraction from FFPE trolls, punches etc.

  • 4,5 x better DNA yield
  • No recovery bias

RNA extraction from FFPE trolls, punches etc.

  • 2,5 x better RNA yield
  • Up to 100 x better miRNA yield

DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE trolls, punches etc.

  • Simultaneous extraction of DNA and total RNA

DNA extraction from up to 10 µg of fresh/frozen tissue

  • 3,5 x better yield

DNA extraction from 10 cells to 5 million cells

  • 2-4 x better yields for WBC/PBMC
  • 1,4 x better yield for cultured/sorted cells

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania