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Bruker MALDI and IR Biotyper mass spectrometers

Identifies microbes reliably and rapidly

Bruker has developed an innovative, molecular-based mass spectrometric identification method for microbiology that enables faster and more efficient analysis than conventional assays or sequencing.

MALDI Biotyper®

The MALDI Biotyper® (MBT) is a microbial identification system based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, allowing unbiased identification of microorganisms within a few minutes down to the species level. The MBT is an easy, rapid, robust, high-throughput, cost-effective and efficient identification technology, ideally suited to microbiological laboratories.

Using the MALDI Biotyper®, microbiologists can go from culture to identification within minutes, and diagnose patient infections in a cost-effective manner.

Due to its broad applicability, speed of analysis and low sample processing costs, the MBT is ideally suited to the role of microorganism identification. MALDI-TOF MS determines the unique proteomic fingerprint of an organism, and matches characteristic patterns with an extensive reference library to determine the organism´s identity. Continuous expansion of the reference library ensures that a broad range of microorganisms can be identified easily.

IR Biotyper®

Microbial strain typing for source tracking and quality control is an essential step e.g. in maintaining food product safety. Bruker’s Fourier Transform – Infra-Red (FT-IR) spectroscopy system, the IR Biotyper®, offers an easy-to-use method for fast and effective microorganism strain typing, with a simple workflow for sample preparation.

IR Biotyper® can help improve hospital hygiene and infection control, particularly in understanding the pathogenesis of infection.

New MBT Compass HT IVD software

  • Uplifts the system’s speed: analysis of up to 600 samples/hour
  • IDealTune™ feature secures the system’s performance

Direct identification from positive blood culture within 15 minutes. Using Sepsityper Module enables the reliable identification.

  • Easy workflow with Sepsityper kit
  • IVD and RUO versions available

A dedicated MBT Filamentous Fungi Suite, embracing a software module and a specific reference spectrum library, is available to facilitate the identification of this group of microorganisms. The MBT Filamentous Fungi Library identifies over 200 species / species groups.

  • RUO and IVD versions available
  • New MyT procedure enables the direct transfer from agar plate to target plate

The optional MBT Mycobacteria IVD Module for the MALDI Biotyper® is composed of a specific reference spectrum library and a software module.

The MBT compares the mass spectrum of an unknown organism with the dedicated library of reference mass spectra, which covers 182 of the currently known 201 mycobacteria.

This MBT Mycobacteria Library can conveniently be applied for samples independently from growth on liquid or solid medium.

  • Easy workflow with MBT Mycobacteria kit (IVD)

The MBT Subtyping Module combines the identification of important pathogens with automated subsequent detection of specific marker peaks, all in one workflow.

  • Differentiation of closely related species
  • Detecting resistance markers
  • IVD and RUO versions available

MBT STAR-BL software expands the capabilities of the MALDI Biotyper® beyond the identification of microorganisms by enabling fast and accurate analysis of the level of β-lactamase activity in bacterial cultures in clinical microbiology and microbiological research.

The assays can conveniently be performed within approximately one hour by utilizing the easy to use MBT STAR®-Carba and MBT STAR®-Cepha Kits, for rapid detection of carbapenemase and cephalosporinase activity respectively, starting from a culture plate or Sepsityper pellet.

  • IVD and RUO versions available

Create your own library entries using the optional MBT Explorer Software Module to compile customized libraries.

This module also offers multiple sophisticated bioinformatics analyses for spectra comparison and statistical data interpretation, enabling users to optimize the microorganism classification process by creating, modifying and organizing reference spectrum data.

  • Only RUO version available
  • The MBT Biotarget 96 with 96 sample positions is a disposable MALDI target plate saving time and effort in the microbiology laboratory
  • Pre-portioned HCCA Matrix and Bacteria Test Standard (BTS) add convenience and ensure accurate results
  • MBT Pilot® for guided stress-free sample transfer
  • MBT Galaxy® for automated application of matrix and formic acid
  • MBT FAST™ Shuttle IVD for standardized and accelerated drying of matrix and other liquid reagents

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania