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Element RC analyser

Clinical chemistry parameters conveniently at the clinic

Element RC easily produces the basic parameters of clinical chemistry and electrolyte results in the clinic’s own laboratory. The sample added to the rotor is centrifuged and incubated with the reagents in the rotor and measured photometrically.

A small sample volume (100 µL) provides a comprehensive range of chemistry results in 12 minutes. The analyser is equipped with a touchscreen and a bidirectional device interface for patient information systems.

The rotor range is wide. The rotors have internal control and a long shelf life.

Element RC Comprehensive Plus Rotor (ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, BUN, CA, CREA, GLU, K, Na, PHOS, TBIL, TP, A/G-suhde*, B/C-suhde*, GLOB*)

Element RC Pre-Surgical Rotor (ALB, ALP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP, A/G-suhde*, B/C-suhde*, GLOB*)

Element RC Electrolyte Rotor   (CA, CL, K, Mg, Na, tCO2, Na/K-suhde*)

Element RC Liver Rotor (ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, BA, CHOL, GGT, TBIL, TP, A/G-suhde*, GLOB*)

Element RC Kidney Monitoring Rotor (BUN, CREA, PHOS, B/C-suhde*)

Element RC Bovine Monitoring Rotor   (AST, CA, CK, Mg, PHOS)

Element RC Kidney Rotor   (ALB, AMY, BUN, CA, CREA, GLU, PHOS, tCO2, B/C-suhde*)

Element RC Avian Reptilian Rotor (ALB, AST, BA, CA, CK, GLU, K, Na, PHOS, TP, UA)

Element RC General Health Rotor (ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, BUN, CA, CREA, GGT, GLU, K, Na, PHOS, TBIL, tCO2, TP, GLOB*)

Element RC Glucose Rotor (GLU)

Element RC Large Animal / Equine Plus Rotor (ALB, ALP, AST, BUN, CA, CK, CREA, GGT, GLU, K, LDH, Mg, Na, PHOS, TBIL, TP, TRIG, A/G-suhde*, B/C-suhde*, GLOB*)

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia