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Eurolyser CUBE-VET special chemistry analyser

Important special chemistry parameters in a few minutes

CUBE-VET quickly and reliably analyses many of the individual parameters that are important for diagnostic and medical monitoring. Depending on the test, 5–100 µL of serum or plasma is suitable as the sample form.

Easy to use

Very simple sample run: pipette the centrifuged sample into the reagent cuvette, close the cap and place the cuvette in the device for analysis.

Updates for the easy-to-use software come automatically from the web. A quick monthly cleaning of the measuring cuvette is sufficient for maintenance by the user.

Fast and flexible

The analysis time is only 6–10 minutes, so the test results will be available while the patient waits. The wide range of tests enables efficient use of the device. The small CUBE-VET is easy to place in the clinic.

cCRP, SAA, SDMA, pancreatic-specific lipase, cortisol, fructosamine, progesterone, T4, lactate, ammonia, GLDH, phenobarbital

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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