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Tecan Freedom EVOlyzer platform

Effective ELISA automation from Tecan for processing entire diagnostic panels

Tecan´s Freedom EVOlyzer is a dedicated platform which automates all common ELISA steps including sample distribution, sample predilution, reagent pipetting, incubation, plate washing, optical density reading and result generation, without compromising operator safety.

Continuous sample loading enables fast response to changing demands, offering higher throughput and time savings.

Dual parallel arm processing, with up to eight pipetting tips, offers rapid sample and reagent distribution. Choose between washable tips, conductive disposable tips or use a combination of both to optimize productivity and minimize sample carryover.

Dynamic scheduler optimizes system usage and turnaround times by processing up to 12 plates in parallel. Established protocols for high reproducibility.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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