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Tecan Fluent pipetting robot

Automated liquid handler to increase productivity and precision

Tecan Fluent liquid handler offers automated solutions to suit everything from straightforward simple liquid handling workflows to total automation of complex processes.

It is ideal for laboratories looking to increase productivity, streamline workflows, optimize assay precision and consistency, and relieve operators from repetitive tasks. The benefits of automation are especially relevant for certain key applications, such as genomics, proteomics, cell biology, drug discovery and biobanking.

Liquid handling technology has been applied successfully to automate a variety of workflows, including sample preparation for PCR or mass spectrometry, DNA extraction, ADME screening and 2D and 3D cell-culture with cloning, transfection and colony picking.

High performance pipetting

  • Flexible Channel Arm (FCA) containing eight independent pipetting channels for fast liquid transfers between tubes, plates and reagent troughs
  • Choice of air- or liquid-displacement pipetting
  • Air displacement pipetting from 500 nl, with contactless free dispensing
  • Liquid-displacement pipetting from 200 nl to over 5 ml
  • Minimizing dead volumes by detecting down to 2 µl of aqueous solution

Easy programming and operation

  • Touch Tools™ with a simple touchscreen interface for everyday use of the liquid handler
  • Fluent Control™ for easy workflow customization including drag-and-drop commands, 3D worktable editing, and a 3D simulator for previews of completed protocols
  • Smart Commands enables programming of pipetting sequences with just one command line


  • Dynamic Deck™ with dense worktable (depth of 6 plates or 32 tubes) allowing reconfiguration of the deck in seconds
  • Modular system with field-upgradeable arms and devices
  • Choice of gripper fingers for microplates, tubes or bottles
  • Finger Exchange System allowing gripper fingers to be exchanged on-the-fly within a run

Enhanced compliance

  • A wide variety of plate and tube scanners with tracking to connect ID’s to results and every pipetting step
  • DeckChek™ to prevent errors by displaying discrepancies such as missing plates or incorrectly loaded tip boxes
  • Fluent Gx software for regulated environments (GLP, GMP and QC facilities).
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Fluent Mix and Pierce -työasema

Automated whole blood pipetting: The Fluent Mix and Pierce workstation automates tedious, error prone manual tasks for whole blood pipetting applications. The workstation enables pipetting from vacuum tubes without manual decapping. Consistent 360° tube rotation combined with excellent pipetting performance delivers standardized results.

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Frida Reader -lisämoduuli

DNA-quantification without sample loss: The Frida Reader module for Fluent Automation Workstation eliminates sample loss in quantification of nucleic acids.

Designed to work in combination with the platform’s Air Flexible Channel Arm, this unique approach performs UV absorbance-based quantification and purity assessment in a single drop, avoiding the consumption of rare and precious samples following nucleic acid purification (NAP). After the measurement, the hanging drop is aspirated back into the tip to be used for further processing (e.g. a normalization).

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Pickolo™ colony picker enables automation of the most labor-intensive and error-prone steps of cloning and cell line development workflow. It provides efficient colony picking of bacteria, fungi, algae, hybridoma and mammalian cell colonies. Colonies can be selected for example by color, size and diameter from Petri dishes and SBS-formats.

Tecan ODTC Thermocycler

Genomics workflow including PCR, Sanger and next generation sequencing, can be automated with a dedicated on-deck thermocycler (ODTC) from INHECO.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland