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Grifols Erytra blood group serology analyser

Effective management of large workloads

Grifols Erytra is a high-capacity innovation using DG Gel® card technology for blood group serology analyses. This fully automatic device combines vertical design with visibility inside the device and in its functions.

High capacity

  • 100 cards or 800 tests in an hour
  • Perfect ABO/Rh: 66 samples in an hour
  • Screening for antibodies (I, II, III, IV): 147 samples in an hour
  • Nonstop autonomy for up to 4 hours


  • Analysis parameters can be customised to meet laboratory needs
  • Automatic tube size detection – running samples from all types of tubes
  • Integrated quality control program
  • Automated incubators
  • Continuous feeding of samples and reagents to the device without disruption of the ongoing process

Easy to use

  • Same clear software and sample holders as Erytra Eflexis
  • All Grifols’ devices have the same reagents
  • Real-time reagent and sample information
  • Minimal maintenance

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

Links and documents

Manufacturer’s product page