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NEO Iris blood group serology analyser

The choice of large blood centres for immunohaematological testing

NEO Iris by Werfen (formerly known as Immucor) is designed for serological tests related to blood transfers in large blood centres. It is a fully automated and high-capacity analyser, which analyses a large number of samples quickly and flexibly.

The device has patented Capture® solid phase technology, which is the most reproducible and cost-effective method for screening and identifying clinically important antibodies. With NEO Iris, extra work with IgM class antibodies in the blood centre can be avoided.

  • Flexible, fast and effective
  • Possibility to have 224 concurrent primary tubes
  • Two separate pipette arms for faster analysis
  • Sample racks allow for flexible transfer of samples and reagents
  • Analyser is controlled with a large touchscreen and a Windows-based user interface
  • Barcode scanner for samples, reagents and multiple well plates


  • Phenotyping (Rh, Kell, Jka, Jkb, Fya, Fyb, S, s, k)
  • Antibody  identification (Primary Panel, D Pos Panel, D Neg Panel)
  • Antibody screening (2 cells, 3 cells, pool-cell)
  • ABO/Rh D typing
  • Weak D
  • Blood type check (donor)
  • CMV
  • IgG DAT
  • Crossmatch (IgG class antibodies)

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland

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