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Invivoscribe NGS tests for lymphoproliferative diseases

Determine clonality and track clonal populations with the same reagents and workflow

Invivoscribe offers in vitro diagnostic products intended for next-generation sequencing (NGS) based identification and monitoring in patients suspected with having lymphoproliferative disease.


Leukemias and lymphomas originate from the malignant transformation of individual lymphoid cells. All leukemias and lymphomas generally share one or more cell-specific or “clonal” antigen receptor gene rearrangements. Therefore, tests that detect clonal rearrangements can be useful in the study of B- and T-cell malignancies.

LymphoTrack Dx Assays are designed for identification and monitoring of B- and T-cell clonality. Products are CE-IVD-marked and developed for use with the leading NGS platforms.

  • Optimized multiplex PCR master mixes with primers incorporating platform specific adapters and specimen tracking sequencing identification tags for a one-step PCR workflow.
  • A comprehensive bioinformatics software package is available for purchase.
  • The full clonality suite of LymphoTrack Dx Assays includes products for identification of clonality and somatic hypermutation (SHM) and monitoring of minimal residual disease (MRD).

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

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