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ST Genesia coagulation analyser

Monitor thrombin formation in real time

ST Genesia, manufactured by Diagnostica Stago, is a fully automated device for real-time monitoring of thrombin formation. It standardises and automates all the elements of an analysis event to guarantee reproducible and comparable results. ST Genesia features automated pipetting directly from the primary tube, normalisation of results against the reference plasma, condition controls, LIS interface and several other features of a modern clinical analyser.

Thrombin analysis from the test to clinical use

A long chain of enzymatic reactions between coagulation factors precedes blood coagulation. The final product of these reactions is active thrombin, which polymerises soluble fibrinogen into a stabilising fibrin. Various congenital or acquired factors such as lack of a coagulation factor or anticoagulants may affect various stages of the chain, ultimately affecting thrombin formation. Disorders of thrombin formation may lead to coagulation disorders or tendency for blockage. Determining its underlying cause and monitoring the treatment can at times be hard with conventional methods.

The study of thrombin formation is a global coagulation analysis, because it takes into account all the components of the coagulation system by measuring the plasma coagulation potential. Thrombin analysis brings a new perspective to the study of these conditions, and is also gradually moving towards clinical use in the analysis of blockage and coagulation disorders.

Monitoring the formation of thrombin has traditionally been very difficult, because the standardisation of ambient conditions is very important for the results of the analysis, and the results have generally not been comparable between series or sites. Temperature changes, the person doing the pipetting, how reagents are prepared and many other factors strongly affect the final results.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia

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