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STA-R Max coagulation analyser

Advanced and high-capacity analyser for complete automation of coagulation tests

STA-R Max, manufactured by Diagnostica Stago, is a fully automated coagulation analyser for medium and large laboratories. The features and operating software of STA-R Max ensure that busy coagulation laboratories can operate smoothly every day.

Patented measurement method guarantees reproducibility

The STA-R Max analyser’s method of measuring the coagulation time is based on the mechanical registration of the viscosity change patented by Stago. This viscosity based detection system (VBDS) ensures that haemolytic, lipemic or icteric properties of the sample do not affect the results, which creates savings by reducing repeated phlebotomy and retesting without sacrificing the quality of the results.

Easy to use

  • Intuitive software
  • Advanced sample tray for single running large numbers of samples
  • Simple user maintenance
  • Barcode calibration for routine tests
  • Sample identification and reagent management with internal barcode scanner
  • Automatic reruns, redilutions and reflex testing
  • Fast

Capacity of more than 200 samples per hour

  • STAT function for emergency samples

Plenty of features

  • 70 chilled positions for reagents, controls and calibrators
  • Continuous loading and removal of sample racks
  • Advanced cap piercing function
  • Open system for third-party reagents
  • Sample checking system for preanalytical quality
  • Compatible with all automation systems

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia