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Diagnostica Stago coagulation analytics reagents

High-quality coagulation reagents for routine and specialist analytics

The Diagnostica Stago range provides reagents for all coagulation analytics needs.

High quality since 1945

Founded in 1945, Stago has been manufacturing coagulation analytics reagents since 1962. The reagents manufactured by this French family-owned company are used to carry out about a third of the world’s coagulation analysis. Despite large manufacturing volumes, the quality of the Diagnostica Stago reagents has always remained high.

Features that make working easier

The design of the Stago reagents takes into account several aspects that facilitate daily work. For example, the INR and thromboplastin time calibration data can be found in the reagent barcode pre-calibrated for Stago STA Series devices. The same barcode calibration is also used by fibrinogen and D-dimer reagents, for example. INR calibration takes less than two minutes.

A large proportion of Stago reagents is already soluble, which facilitates daily work in the laboratory. The short dissolution time and the immediate availability of the dissolved reagents are both features that make work more agile and bring savings to the laboratory.

Wide range of reagents from routine to specialist analytics

Diagnostica Stago’s range of reagents covers both the coagulation reagents used in healthcare and the specialities required for research. Whether it is a study of clotting or bleeding tendencies, warfarin treatment or new anticoagulants, Stago has high-quality reagents and equipment solutions for all needs.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia