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STart Max coagulation analyser

Easy-to-use coagulation analyser for the needs of small laboratories

Diagnostica Stago STart Max is a four-channel, semi-automatic coagulation test device designed for a small laboratory and suitable for assays based on coagulation time measurements (e.g. PT/INR, APTT, fibrinogen). The device has 16 incubation places for samples and two for reagents.

Patented measuring method

To ensure high-quality results, the STart Max Analyser utilises a proprietary measurement method patented by Diagnostica Stago in which sample coagulation is measured completely mechanically. The procedure is the same as for other Stago coagulation analysers, and it is not sensitive to optical artifacts such as lipemia, jaundice or haemolysis.

Handy and carefree

With its graphical touchscreen, STart Max is easy to use. Behind the menus, you can find results archives, method calibration and QC statistics. The initiation of a coagulation reaction is reproducible and accurate due to a separate start pipette. The optional barcode scanner makes it faster to read sample identifiers and add them to the device memory. The results are transferred electronically to the LIS system as with larger laboratory equipment.

The greatest advantage of the device is its infinite ease: when not needed, you can place it out of the way for a long time without the need for further calibration or maintenance. The device is practically maintenance free.


38876 – STart cuvettes 150 strips of 4 cuvettes


26441 – Balls, 1 vial of 1850 balls

Pipette tips

86553 – Combitips 2.5 mL (position 1 = 50 µL)


00360 – STA Owren-Koller (dilution buffer Neoplastine CI Plus, STA-Liquid Fib)

00124 – Citratbuffert SPA 250 ml (dilution buffer SPA 20)

APTT activator

00367 – STA CaCl 0,025 M (start reagent for APTT)

Fibrinogen reagents

00673 – STA Liquid Fib (Clauss method)

PT / INR reagents

00122 – SPA 20 (Owren method)

00374 – Neoplastine CI Plus 2mL (Quick method)


00480 – PTT Automate (silica)

00308 – STA Cephascreen 4 (polyphenol)

00598 – C.K.Prest 2mL (caolin)

00847 – C.K.Prest 5mL (caolin)

Thrombin reagent

00611 – STA Thrombin 2

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia