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Stablelab EQ-1 SAA meter

Horse inflammatory values easily in the field and clinic

Stablelab EQ-1 measures a horse’s serum amyloid A (SAA) from whole blood, serum and plasma. The device is also easy to take with you to the stables, so you can take the test immediately on site. The device is also well suited to use in the clinic’s laboratory.

Effective help in detecting and monitoring infections

Serum amyloid A (SAA), a protein of the acute phase, is an excellent inflammation tracer: its concentration changes rapidly and is quantitatively well representative of the extent of inflammation. It therefore provides a nearly real-time indicator for monitoring the disease and its treatment.

  • Fast: result in 10 minutes on site
  • Simple whole blood test: a drop of whole blood in the sample cuvette, cuvette into the buffer solution bottle, four drops of the mixture of sample and buffer on the test cartridge inserted inside the device
  • Wide measurement range: 0–3,000 µg/ml
  • Compact: 43 mm x 155 mm x 90 mm, weight 253 g

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland