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Triolab is prepared for power outages

Triolab’s products and services are used by various actors in the healthcare and other sectors. To ensure that we can serve as a responsible part of the Finnish healthcare chain, we have also prepared for possible disruptions to the electricity supply.

Power outages rare, but possible

Harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow, storms, and lightning may cause disruptions to the electricity supply, as well as accidents occurring during earthworks. Temporary power outages may also be planned, during construction work or to compensate for an electricity shortage, for example.

UPS to ensure connections

Triolab’s own data systems and data connections are secured by UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices that can maintain electricity quality even in the event of a disruption in the electricity grid. They also provide electricity for some time in the event of a power outage but are insufficient for fulfilling long-term and large-scale electricity needs.

Sensors monitoring storage conditions

Some of the products sold by Triolab require uninterrupted cold storage. Our warehouse includes various refrigerators and freezers where products are stored before being delivered to the customer. The warehouse and its refrigerators are constantly monitored by precise, grid-independent sensors that measure the temperature of the refrigerators and freezers, as well as the temperature and humidity of the storage room. The monitoring system gathers the sensors’ measurement data and gives out an immediate alarm if the measurements deviate from the target.

Warehouse requires power

Without electricity, refrigerators cannot maintain the temperatures specified for products indefinitely. When Triolab’s Turku office moved in 2021, a new external power supply option was developed on the initiative of our technical expert, Olli-Pekka Halonen. The connection enables the use of self-produced electricity to ensure the functionality of the warehouse refrigerators and our other operations in the event of disruptions in the public power grid.

The functionality of the connections and an uninterrupted power supply are essential for continuing our operations.Olli-Pekka Halonen

Self-supplied electricity from generators

Triolab’s electricity supply is secured by a generator that consumes diesel fuel to produce electricity. It includes an integrated battery-backed feed exchange centre that constantly monitors the power grid. If the electricity supply is interrupted, the feed exchange centre will turn on the generator and wait until the electricity it produces is of good quality, after which it will start to feed the electricity produced by the generator for Triolab’s use. The generator is designed to allow the normal operation of all electrical equipment in the warehouse and office.

Continuous operations

Triolab’s products are used by various healthcare professionals who need to be able to trust that our products have been transported and stored as specified by the manufacturer. Ensuring electricity supply is part of our commitment to being responsible for the functionality of our products and the continuity of our operations, even in the face of external disturbances.