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Customer satisfaction & charity

As a sales organisation, we connect with our customers in many different ways. To be able to develop our operations and serve our customers in the best way possible, we are interested in how collaboration with us is proceeding. Because of this, we often ask how well we have succeeded.

Many types of customer contacts

Our product specialists make visits to demonstrate products, provide training in using equipment and respond to product support requests. Our technical support specialists make visits to install equipment and to carry out scheduled maintenance and repairs. Our customer care receives orders, replies to enquiries about availability and invoices for supplied products and services. Our logistics team dispatches products to everywhere in Finland and receives equipment sent for servicing.

Customer satisfaction surveys and responses to them

After every customer visit made by a product specialist or a technical support representative, we send a questionnaire by email to the customer and ask them to evaluate how successful the meeting was: whether our representative was service-minded, whether the questions that were asked were answered, whether a solution was found for the problem, whether the agreed schedule was adhered to, whether the representative demonstrated professionalism, etc.

In addition to the surveys related to visits, we send our customers a customer satisfaction survey once a year at the most. It provides customers with the opportunity to express their opinion on the ease of interacting with our customer care, the appropriate handling of complaints, and the speed and accuracy of goods deliveries by our logistics team, among other things.

In addition to specific questions, the survey always also includes a field for free-form comments, through which either compliments or corrective feedback on our operations can be provided.

Every year, we send our customers thousands of surveys in total. Their results are regularly reviewed either by teams or, in the case of the general customer satisfaction survey, with our company’s whole personnel. Based on the responses, we know better what is going well and what we still need to develop. The development areas are processed in team meetings, where the follow-up actions and their monitoring are also agreed.

Money to charity

To show our appreciation of the time used for responding to the surveys, we donate one euro for each completed survey to charity. With each survey, we always ask the respondent to which charity they would like us to donate money. In different years, we have donated money to charities helping the environment, sustainable development, animals, children and people with low income. Our donations have been received by WWF Finland, Kotimaanapu (Charity in Finland), SEY Animal Welfare Finland, Save the Children Finland, the Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals and the Finnish Red Cross, among others.

Double benefits from the responses

The responses to customer satisfaction surveys help us improve our services, while the donations support important causes. We are happy to be able to say that people are very satisfied with what we do, but there is always something to improve as well. The more responses we get, the better we will be able to act according to our customers’ wishes. At the same time, parties carrying out important work receive more funds for their operations.