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Jobs in summer and summer workers

Triolab delivers the products all year round without interruption. The holidays of the staff have been staggered and some summer workers recruited.

Though summer is a time for holidaymaking, the health of humans and animals must be maintained continuously.  Also, the wheels of industry must keep turning and scientific research be carried out all-year round. For these very reasons, the staff of Triolab cannot all go off to soak up the sun at the same time, instead we deliver our range of products without interruption and offer technical support no matter the weather.

So that every team’s essential functions can be carried out throughout the summer period, we have staggered the holidays of staff. In addition to working time arrangements, we are compensating for the reduction in personnel caused by the summer holidays by recruiting some summer workers to assist us.

From the end of May our customer service team has been reinforced with business and financial administration student Elmo Kylänpää who responds to queries and enters orders into the system.  On the warehouse side, Otto Koskinen is working alongside our staff receiving, storing, packing and dispatching goods until the end of August when he will return to his industrial engineering studies.

In spring, Kerttu Heikkinen sent an open application to Triolab. In addition to the two longer-term summer workers, Kerttu was welcomed with open arms to work for two weeks doing various warehouse and office tasks.  Kerttu has now finished her two-week stint and is now enjoying some well-earned summer holiday before resuming her high school studies at the beginning of the new school year.

The atmosphere at Triolab is pleasant and easygoing. I feel that I was accepted into the team straight away. Working at Triolab I picked up many new skills that will come in handy in the future.Kerttu Heikkinen