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Technical support assisting customers

Triolab has its own technical support organisation consisting of 12 experienced professionals. Its purpose is to ensure the functionality of equipment used by our customers in human and veterinary health care and industrial and research fields, and to help if any problems occur.

Our technical support installs, maintains, assists and repairs

The services provided by our technical support for equipment covered by Triolab include acceptance inspections, installation and setup for use, maintenance and updates, supporting customers in the technical use of the equipment, as well as repairing any faults and assisting with moves. The technical support also participates in the process when Triolab is considering a new client with new equipment. Even this early in the process, we assess the human resources and training needs, as well as the needs for purchasing spare parts stocks and any necessary special tools.

Continuous growth in expertise

Most of Triolab’s technical support personnel have a technical education background, including fields such as electrical engineering, fluid handling and mechanics. However, education and training are only the foundation for accumulating expertise at work. For many, the best part of their work is that they are constantly learning something new.

Triolab’s most common equipment can be installed, maintained and repaired by almost all of Triolab’s technical support personnel. However, there are dozens and dozens of equipment models in our product range, so some our experts need to specialise in specific types of equipment. New equipment also has more complex functionalities and requires special expertise. Technical support personnel annually attend trainings organised by equipment manufacturers to update and deepen their expertise.

Inspection before installation

Equipment ordered by the customer can be delivered directly to its place of use, but other equipment is subject to an acceptance inspection at Triolab’s premises. We perform the acceptance inspection to check that the delivery’s contents are correct and complete and that the equipment functions correctly and has not been damaged during transport. This ensures that the warranty issued by the equipment manufacturer is valid even if the equipment is sold and delivered months later.

Depending on the complexity of the equipment, the equipment can either be sent directly to the customer for use, or it may need to be installed by the product specialist who sold the equipment, or a representative of Triolab’s technical support may be required.

Maintenance increases reliability

Regular maintenance is a preventive measure that minimises outages and ensures reliable results. With luck, new equipment might function flawlessly for a long time without any maintenance, but we can never know how long that luck will last. That’s why it’s best to conclude a maintenance agreement when you purchase new equipment. The maintenance agreement is tailored to the customer’s needs, and it can include both regular maintenance and additional services such as a specified number of , in addition to periodic maintenance, the desired number of repairs with or without spare parts. The maintenance of small equipment can be conveniently handled by sending the equipment to Triolab for maintenance. Triolab will provide you with replacement equipment for the duration of the maintenance.

Resolving fault situations

All equipment supplied by Triolab has a sticker with the phone number for our technical support. The number will get you in touch with our service coordinator, who is immediately available to help you in the event of a problem with the equipment. If the matter cannot be resolved immediately, the coordinator will connect the call to the technical support person responsible for the type of equipment in question or ask them to call the customer.

They will discuss the problem with the customer to find out what the problem is, look at the equipment log and talk with a product specialist if necessary. In more unusual cases, they can also contact the equipment manufacturer. Once a solution has been decided on, a technical support representative will go to the customer and restore the equipment to working order.

Technical support is mobile work

With the exception of the tasks of the technical support manager, maintenance coordinator and acceptance inspections, most of the technical support work takes place on the customer’s premises. The technical support only stops by Triolab’s own offices in Turku, Espoo or Tampere to retrieve the necessary parts and tools. The technical support team has weekly meetings to discuss the previous and coming weeks’ events, distribute work tasks and discuss general matters. Topical questions and urgent issues are shared and resolved through the team’s group calls and instant messaging channels.

Events documented in equipment log

Triolab maintains an equipment log for all the equipment it supplies. The equipment log is a document that accompanies the equipment throughout its life cycle. Installations, updates, maintenance and repairs are recorded in the equipment log. Above all, the equipment log is helpful in resolving fault situations, but it also supports patient safety by maintaining records of the updates and maintenance times of equipment used in health care services.

Support from all of Triolab

Our technical support works closely with Triolab’s other departments: When new equipment is being purchased, the sales teams’ product specialists and technical support coordinate in considering the maintenance contract needs and installation methods required for the equipment. The product specialists can also be contacted for matters related to maintenance and fault resolution. Customer service team creates and manages the maintenance agreements and takes care of technical support invoicing. Software updates required by equipment and any related measures are reported to the communication team, which forwards the information to the customers. Warranty refunds and spare parts orders are discussed with the purchasing department, and the spare parts stock is managed together with the logistics team.

Customer feedback guides operations

After each maintenance or fault repair visit, a satisfaction survey is sent to the customer by email, asking how the situation was handled. The technical support manager reads the responses and discusses the overall improvement needs with the entire team. If something needs to be addressed regarding an individual visit, the matter will be discussed immediately with the person in question. The results of our surveys that have been conducted for years show that Triolab takes care of equipment exceptionally well and quickly.