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The benefits of online shopping

Some of the products represented by Triolab can be ordered from our online shop. Registering as a user of the online shop and making purchases in it provides you many benefits.

Convenient purchases

Some of the products represented by Triolab can be ordered from our online shop at After logging in to the online shop, you can view all products available for order in equipment-specific lists. In the shop, you can also browse your previous orders or place re-orders based on a previous order.

Up-to-date selection

The online shop always has our up-to-date product range with the latest additions. You can search for products based on the equipment you use or by using the keyword search. While ordering the products you need, you can also browse the shop for other equipment to improve laboratory operations.

Quick and easy

The online shop allows you to add product numbers to your order with a simple click. You can use your previous orders as templates for new orders, and the system will remember all the necessary contact information for your order. You can place orders with the online shop at any time of day.

Reliable ordering

When making purchases from our online shop, you can ensure that you will get the right number of products, with no room for misunderstandings. Before placing your order, you can check that your order is correct and write any additional notes for us in the additional information field. You will always receive a written confirmation email for any orders from our online shop.