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Customer service is at the heart of everything

Triolab’s customer service is the hub of all operations, and its wide-ranging duties require constant communication with both the customers and all Triolab’s operations. In customer service all are organised, thorough and responsible.

Triolab’s customer service team consists of seven professionals. Our customer service staff come from various backgrounds in terms of studies and work experiences, but they all are organised, thorough and responsible. The scope of duties is extensive, and situations require a fast response.

Orders and invoicing

Customer service processes all product orders placed to Triolab. Orders come via telephone, email and Triolab’s online shop. The delivery and invoicing addresses of the orders are checked, references added and quantities confirmed. Information is then entered into the enterprise resource planning system and an order confirmation is sent to customers. The enterprise resource planning system notifies the warehouse of the order, and products are collected and packed for shipment at the warehouse. The day after the delivery, customer service sends an invoice to the customer.

Some of the products represented by Triolab are standing order products that are regularly sent to customers without a separate order. The customer service team takes care of standing order contracts, scheduled deliveries, change management and invoicing. Customer service is also responsible for invoicing Triolab’s technical support services.

Problems are solved

In the unfortunate situation where there is something wrong with the product or delivery, problems are solved primarily by the customer service team. If the delivery has not reached the customer in time, customer service checks the carrier’s system to see where the products are. If the products have been on their way for longer than usual, the team determines whether the products are still usable. After corrective measures, the customer has functional products to use.

If the product is delivered on time but it does not work as expected, customer service finds out the reason for it and how it can be solved. Problems related to deliveries and products are solved with Triolab’s various departments, carriers and product manufacturers. The aim is to solve problem situations as soon as possible.

Ask anything!

In addition to handling order processes, customer service can be approached with any question. Customers might ask about product prices, availability, invoicing and delivery times. Customer service receives questions related to tenders from tendering services and portals. Someone might be looking for a product for a specific purpose.

Product-related questions are forwarded to product support and questions about the operation of devices are forwarded to technical support. Whatever the matter is, the aim is always to help the person contacting customer service as soon as possible. If a solution cannot be found right away, the matter is investigated or forwarded to the right person.

Financial administration and system support

Customer service duties also include a wide range of financial administration tasks: processing purchase invoices, handling day-to-day payments, recovering overdue invoices, accounting tasks, as well as processing inhouse travel invoices and the company’s credit card invoices.

The customer service team maintains and serves as system support for Triolab’s customer management, enterprise resource planning and document management systems. In addition to all the above, customer service team members have separate tasks related to human resources, tenders, price lists, contracts, purchases, warehouse and supporting Triolab’s Baltic operations.

Goals clarify operations

The customer service team has collaborated and determined goals for themselves and recorded common service promises. The work becomes clearer and matters can be handled faster when everyone has a common picture of the situation and an understanding of what is important and when something needs to be done.

Customer service knows what is going on

Triolab’s customer service is the hub of all operations, and its wide-ranging duties require constant communication with both the customers and all Triolab’s operations. The customer service people hold all the strings.