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Anvajo fluidlab R-300 cell calculator spectrometer

Small portable device combining a spectrometer and an automatic cell calculator

The device can be used to measure the absorption of liquids and, by means of a digital microscope, to count cells or other particles that can be distinguished from the liquid. fluidlab R-300 is easy to use thanks to its intuitive software.

Getting one palm-sized device instead of two saves you money and table space, and gives you quick analysis results exactly where you need them.

Cell counter capabilities

The assessment of living and dead cells can be performed without staining the cells, eliminating the potential cytotoxic effects of staining.

The analysed sample can be viewed in a hologram microscope image, with living cells separated from the dead ones.

After calculation, the desired cell population can be changed based on the size using the histogram provided by the device. It enables the determination of the cell counts in different subpopulations of the sample.

Cell counter applications

  • Calculation of cultivated cells, primary cells, yeasts and algae (medical and biological research, environmental research)
  • Monitoring the fermentation process (industry, breweries)
  • Determination of cell viability (medical and biological research, medical and environmental research)

Spectrometer capabilities

The result is obtained from the entire spectrum of the sample, in which case the measurement wavelength can be varied continuously after analysis.

The device can be used to draw calibration curves to analyse sample concentrations.

Spectrometer applications

  • Determination of elements such as copper, nitrite, ammonium and others using the spectrometer
  • Determination of bacterial growth rate by OD600 analysis
  • Determination of proteins (e.g. Bradford or Biuret) in research laboratories and industry
  • Determination of sugar or iron (food industry)

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania

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