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Spark multimode reader

Excellent performance and flexibility

The new generation of Spark readers combines Tecan’s decades of experience with the most modern technological innovations. Spark readers are designed to meet the user’s needs and can be updated later with new modules. Tecan automation robots’ integrable readers are compatible with microplates of 1–1,536 wells.

The Spark reader is suitable for ELISA measurements, basic research, imaging and even demanding drug sensitivity testing. Compared to traditional multimode readers, Spark offers unique flexibility. It enables long-term experiments on living cells and the conditioning of functions, for example.

Measurement methods

  • Absorbance measurement with dedicated high-speed monochromator optics
  • NanoQuant Plate for effortless nucleic acid concentration and purity analysis from small sample volumes
  • Measurement of upper and lower fluorescence
  • Filter or monochromator optics, or fusion optics that combine both
  • Luminescence measurement, multicolour measurements and scanning
  • Alpha Technology

Visualisation and cellular work

In addition to the traditional measurement modules, an integrated camera is available for the Spark reader, which can be used for

  • Automated cell counting and determination of their viability
  • Cell imaging and automated confluence assay
  • Real-time cell visualisation

Ambient conditions

When working on temperature-sensitive tests and living cells, the ambient conditions during the measurement significantly influence the test results. The Spark reader ensures optimal and uniform temperature, humidity and gas conditions for the test.

  • In addition to the heating module, the unique Te-Cool refrigerating module allows temperature control at 18–42°C
  • Automatic lid opener and humidity cartridge that prevents liquid evaporation
  • Integrated gas control, allowing for hypoxia testing (O2 0.1–21%)
  • Injectors with fluid mixing and heating

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland