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Spark Cyto imaging multimode reader

Plate reader with cellular imaging and real-time cytometry

Tecan’s Spark Cyto is an imaging multimode reader capable of dynamic measurements. With it, cellular study can be faster and more versatile than with conventional methods. Spark Cyto performs real-time fluorescence imaging, as well as many cytometric analyses, and it combines qualitative and quantitative results in unique entities.

With Spark Cyto, you can scan the entire well from a microplate with 96 or 384 wells in one go, utilising the camera’s high-quality magnification and four fluorescence channels. The device also has the best measurement technologies on the market, as well as bright-field imaging.

Spark Cyto automates and standardises tests, and ensures that no major cellular events are missed. Cells are grown and incubated in a device in conditions similar to incubators. Temperature, gases and moisture content can be determined as suitable for the purpose, and measurements can be timed to occur at a specific point during the cell culture. You can also automate when the desired compounds are added to the microplate, as well as the schedule for imaging and analysis.

Using Spark Cyto prevents the need for time- and money-consuming retakes, because regardless of the length of the test, Spark Cyto detects all the cells and their changes in each well – throughout the test.

Product is available in the following countries:

  • Finland