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Association supporting healthcare

Sailab – MedTech Finland is an association that, together with its member companies, helps the Finnish healthcare system produce the best treatment solutions. Triolab is a corporate member, and many of its employees are also involved in Sailab.

Triolab is a member of Sailab – MedTech Finland, an association safeguarding the interests of health technology companies and Finnish patients. The association helps our healthcare system deliver high-quality, safe and cost-effective diagnostic and treatment solutions.

Addressing resource shortages

Increased life expectancy and a higher standard of living pose resource challenges for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. One way to respond to these challenges is to make better use of health technology solutions.

Health technology refers to medical devices such as insulin pumps and dental care devices, as well as in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices such as influenza tests and blood count analysers. Health technology also includes products comparable to the above categories, such as cleaning products for clinical facilities and lifting chairs. All health technology products aim to promote human health.

Helping businesses

Sailab offers training to its member companies in a constantly changing environment. It provides information and support for regulation, trade conditions and procurement policy, promotes the development of the industry and safeguards the interests of its member companies.

Helping healthcare and people

Sailab’s member companies are committed to complying with the ethical guidelines for health technology and with competition law, and to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner.  Transparent business operations and more efficient solutions create more value for money spent on healthcare. New health technology solutions can also help reduce the stress of nursing work and thus respond to resource challenges in healthcare.

Millions of euros can be saved

Each day that a patient spends in intensive care costs thousands of euros. If a health technology solution can shorten one person’s stay in intensive care by one day, thousands of euros will be saved. If one thousand people’s stay in intensive care can be shortened by one day, the savings are measured in millions of euros.

Triolab is actively involved in Sailab

Triolab’s Contract Coordinator Carita Essén-Pukari, Quality Manager Eriikka Heikkinen and CEO Jussi Kurittu are actively involved in Sailab’s operations.


Carita is a member of the industrial policy working group. At its meetings, the group discusses the general economic situation and its impact on the procurement of medical devises. Other themes range from the process of bringing new medical devices to the market to the impact of healthcare purchases on the environment and the outlook for procurement.

The working group has been involved in developing a recommendation on the conditions for trade in health technology.  The purpose of the recommendation is to take into account the specific nature of health technology in procurement and to supplement the terms of the actual procurement contract.

By following good procurement practices, an operator in the healthcare sector is more likely to receive a larger number of offers, more comprehensive offers and more affordable offers in response to calls for tenders. Carita Essén-Pukari


Eriikka is a member and vice chair of Sailab’s health technology working group.  The group discusses current regulatory matters related to medical devices. One of its goals is to clarify the regulations on medical devices for both member companies and users. This means, for example, producing material online and organising webinars.

Through the group, it is also possible to suggest topics for discussion with the authorities (such as Fimea). Cooperation with the authorities benefits all parties.

Thanks to cooperation with other people working with regulations, membership of the working group offers new perspectives and helps you stay up to date, if not a little ahead.Eriikka Heikkinen


Jussi has been a member of the IVD division for a long time. The division discusses the impact of regulations on companies’ operations, as well as the terms and methods of tendering, and provides recommendations, guidelines and tips to the procurement departments of different organisations. 

For the next two-year term, Jussi has also been elected to Sailab’s Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the strategy of the entire association and represents Sailab in discussions with the authorities and the management of the Finnish wellbeing services counties, for example.

Membership of the Sailab Board and IVD division offers a vantage point into healthcare and health technology. It also fosters dialogue with companies in the industry, the healthcare authorities and companies making purchases.Jussi Kurittu

Sailab supports Finnish healthcare

Although Sailab – Medtech Finland primarily safeguards the interests of its member companies, its operations also benefit other parties. Sailab promotes better and more efficient healthcare through health technology solutions.